WELCOME TO EAEE 2013-10-13
 Welcome to the Egyptian Association for Energy and Environment (EAEE).The association was founded in 1984 and has currently about 60 members. The association represents the Egyptian National Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).   EAEE is a non -profit NGO. Members of the association are persons engaged in industry, R & D, and utilization of renewable energy and we are promoting the utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Egypt through edMore
Egypt's Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has issued on Saturday 20 September, 2014 a feed-in-tariffs for PV installations, according to local news portal Daily News Egypt and International edition of PHOTON  Newsletter. The ministry has set five different tariffs, which depend on the size of the PV project: 0.84 EGP ($0.117) per kWh for smaller residential PV systems < 50kWh ; 0.911 EGP ($0.127) per kWh for PV projects up to 200 kW; 0.973 EGP ($0.136) per kWh for PV proMore
One 18th of January 2014 The Egyptian Association for Energy and Environment (EAEE) and the University of Alexandria(AU) successfully organized and held an Open Conference in Alexandria for the presentation of the European project titled: "Development and Implementation of Decentralized Solar Energy-Innovative Technologies for Pubc Buildings in the Medierranean Basin Countries (DIDSOIT-PB)". This strategic project, funded by the European Union through its ENPI CBCMED, aims More
  RECENT PROJECTS       DIDSOLIT PB project includes the installation of 79.2 kw of solar PV in 4 public buildings in Matrouh city located 450 km north west of Cairo. these 4 buildings are: 1. Matrouh Governorate building 2. M.E.I.L.S. Language school 3. General hospital of Matrouh 4. General library Please visit the web site of DIDSOLIT - PB at: http://www.didsolit.eu  More
     1. CLEANER PRODUCTION OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMEST (COPA) PROJECT   On May 2011, EAEE signed a contract with the  International Finance Corporation and Dalkia International Energy Service to conduct a Cleaner Production Opportunities Assessment for 2 Tissue Mills plants in 6th of October city in Egypt. The contract duration was 5 months started from May 10, 2011. The project is to identify energy efficiency, renewable energy use, reduction of water consumptioMore
QRA Training Course on July 5-7, 2012 2012-07-05
      Objective   The scope includes provision of training on Quantitative Risk Assessment(QRA), involving a step by step approach to conducting risk assessment of an onshore processing facility. The objective of the training is to enable personnel to understand the methodology QRA and how it is applied in risk management. Approaches to hazard identification, frequency estimation, consequence modelling, risk summation and risk mitigation will be among the topics presenteMore

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