WELCOME TO EAEE 2013-10-13

 Welcome to the Egyptian Association for Energy and Environment (EAEE).The association was founded in 1984 and has currently about 60 members. The association represents the Egyptian National Section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). 

 EAEE is a non -profit NGO. Members of the association are persons engaged in industry, R & D, and utilization of renewable energy and we are promoting the utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Egypt through education, research, technology development and marketing. 


 Since 1986 the tradition of triennial international conferences of the Egyptian Energy and Environment association has been well established . ASRE86, ASRE89, ASRE92, ASRE96, ASRE99 on Application of Solar & Renewable Energy were held in Cairo. These five conferences had a registered attendance of over 1600 participants from 46 countries. Four hundred papers in renewable energy sources and environment protection were published in 7 volumes proceedings.


 Since its foundation, EAEE has provided state-of-the-art environmental technical assistance to a wide spectrum of clients. EAEE is a leading renewable energy and environmental consulting and services association fully acquainted with regional and national energy and environmental laws and regulations aimed at protecting and conserving the natural environment.


 The association’s staff members are dedicated to providing outstanding services to their members , and for that reason the association is known for its quality work and high level of commitment. EAEE’s successful track record is evidenced by the sound ties and repeat business we have with our local and international partners and members. EAEE has excelled in providing technical assistance in the following fields:


.        Environmental Impact Assessments

·        Renewable energy studies

·        Baseline Environmental Surveys

·        EIA Scoping Studies


 Currently the association organises meetings for the solar industry to discuss common activities and organises workshops and seminars to facilitate exchange of knowledge between research and industry.


 The society actively implements pilot projects necessary to make renewable energy and energy efficiency applications competitive on the national energy market.


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